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Website Heatmaps

Scroll Heatmaps

We all know that a “fold” exists on a website, but what people often overlook, is that there are multiple folds within a website. Each inch represents a percentage of users who no longer see your webpage.

Since Scroll Heatmaps are generated in real-time, website owners can quickly deploy changes and revisions and see how user behavior changes on the site. Scroll heatmaps are especially important on product pages and blog posts. Product owners can move items around to higher visible spots while bloggers can see how much of their post people are actually reading.

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Click Heatmaps

Click Heatmaps show exactly what objects your visitors click on. Objects include links, images, buttons and navigation menus. Find “dead objects” instantly by seeing images that visitors mistake for buttons!

Use Click Heatmaps to determine which images visitors like and which they don’t like. Unlike Google Analytics, SeeVolution’s click heatmap is object based. This means that if two objects (such as a sign up button) point to the same place (URL), we differentiate between those two buttons.

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Mouse Move Heatmaps

Mouse Movement Heatmaps track each visitors mouse pointer. SeeVolution’s analytics engine then aggregates that data in real-time, and generates an overlay that shows what visitors are actually paying attention to.

White being the hottest color, and blue being the coldest – site owners can quickly see what parts of a website capture the the most attention. Each visual overlay aggregates your visitors behaviour and provides an instant peek at how visitors interact with your site. Use Mouse Movement Heatmap to find “hot” keywords, images and buttons that visitors tend to pay attention to.

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Live Click Heatmaps

Live clicks, website owners can see their website come to life. You can literally see clicks as they happen. This is especially useful when launching new campaigns and landing pages.

Each time a visitor clicks on the same spot, the live click heatmap tally’s the total number of clicks and creates a new color coated image with the correlated nnumber of clicks associated with that spot on the webpage.

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