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This is the official SeeVolution Blog. We cover the most important about Analytics, Visitor Traking and Sales. SeeVolution developes a heatmaping tool. Rather than navigating away from a website to analyze visitor trends, once logged in to SeeVolution, users see a movable, live traffic feed that lays transparently over the page users are tracking.

Heatmaps: Helping Keep Websites ‘Healthy’

Posted by on October 11, 2013 in Real-time Analytics, SeeVolution Features, Website Heatmaps

More often than not, people tend to get caught up in the craziness of life. School schedules, work schedules, and family schedules can drastically affect the life of a business owner. Things get overlooked and mistakes happen. However, this should not affect the way a website is managed and maintained.

Website owners, listen up. Stop neglecting your website! Too many people rely on your site for information and recent news. Oftentimes, your website is the first thing that a potential consumer will see. It is essentially the face of your company. With that being said, it’s crucial that you do a routine ‘clean-up’ of your website and truly be aware of the content that you are posting. Don’t be redundant and don’t be boring. No one likes to look at a boring website. Luckily, there are certain things that you can do to make it easier to monitor and maintain a website.


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5 Reasons Why All Websites Should Utilize Heatmaps

Posted by on October 4, 2013 in Big Business, Real-time Analytics, SeeVolution Features, Website Heatmaps

Website heatmaps are perhaps the most valuable tool that any website owner can use.  Not only do they tell you what your visitors are interested in, but they also offer insight as to where your visitors click, see, and want. There are several reasons as to why any website owner can benefit from the use of heatmaps, but here are our top 10:

1)      They tell you exactly what you need to know about your audience.

The beauty of heatmaps is that they can tell you what a visitor clicks on. By doing this, it allows you to know what the visitor is most interested in and what section of your website they are clicking the most. With this information, you can tailor your site to what a visitor wants to see or read. In turn, you are satisfying the reader and potentially bringing more people to your website.

2)      They tell you when you need to switch it up!


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What’s In a Website?!

Posted by on September 26, 2013 in Big Business, SeeVolution Features, Website Heatmaps

When you, the consumer, first hear about a business, you obviously check out the basics. You may seek reviews out reviews of the company or call the business directly to learn about their services and products. However, we’re willing to bet that before you do any of this, you head to their website to see what they’re all about.

Many consider websites to be the ‘face’ of a company. Think about it…a website offers information about services that are offered, the people who work there, the prices of their services, and a basic background about a business. That being said, it’s imperative that any website owner is on top of their A-game when it comes to managing their site.

There are various aspects that go into creating a solid website. When working on a site, always remember your target demographic. All too often, website owners get caught up in the creation of their site and forget the audience. Your site should not only be informative, but it also needs to be tailored to those who will be viewing it. So do not forget the audience – always keep them in mind!


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Does Your Website Need a Tune-up?

Posted by on September 19, 2013 in Innovations, Real-time Analytics, SeeVolution Features

To keep a car running smoothly, it must be taken in for tune-ups, oil changes, required maintenance, tire changes, tire rotation, and more to make sure it is always at its peak of safety and performance. A website isn’t much different. Although a website will not put you in any immediate physical danger, there are always things you as a website owner can do to make sure your site is at the top of its game.


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10 Reasons Why Website Heatmaps Make Great Friends

Posted by on September 12, 2013 in SeeVolution Features, Website Heatmaps

Website heatmaps are some of the best friends out there. They are the kind of friends that will tell you there’s food in your teeth and pick you up from the airport. These data gathering superheroes will give you the insights you need to help your website grow into an online giant.

Not only will these images map out specific activities that are happening on your website, like clicks for example, but they will also let you see the mysterious preferences of visitors over a day, 7 days, or 30 days and even right now! This version of your website can be the best version yet. All you need to do is being a friendship with your real-time analytics and heatmaps, and they will not disappoint.

1. They are always there when you need them.

Website heatmaps have a habit of always being available. Wherever you are, whatever device you are on, they are accessible from the tiny underscore on your site or the destination URL. Once you are there you can browse to find exactly what you need to solve your problem.


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The Many Benefits of a Mobile-Friendly Website

Posted by on September 4, 2013 in Big Business, Innovations, Real-time Analytics, Website Heatmaps

New devices are popping up everywhere nowadays – each one, challenging companies to do better and offer more. The Internet is no longer contained to a computer, it is on the move. These advances have created a new user base that has changed how people interact with the Internet. Research is already showing the huge impact mobile devices have made on browsing the web, and the number of people who use this as a primary means of searching will only increase from here. Pew Internet research shows that as of April 2012 55% of American cell phone owners use their device to access the Internet.

The below table shows the variety of activities that people are already doing on their mobile device:


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6 Ways to Creatively Update Your Website Using Website Heatmaps

Posted by on August 30, 2013 in Analytics Tools and Software, Big Business, Innovations, SeeVolution Features

Every website, even the best of them, need an update every now an then. Think about it, Facebook updates its layout all the time. After the initial shock of not finding your tagged pictures were they used to be, you quickly settle yourself into the design. Not sure where to get started? Let website heatmapping be your guide…

We have created a way that gives you the power to revitalize your standard website and give it new life. There is no to hire a costly freelancer or ask for favors when you have complete access to your site’s behavioral analytics. Displayed in our convenient toolbar, these real-time analytics and heat maps show you everything you need to know to make creative, helpful updates to your site.

1. Optimize a Landing Page

A quick way to increase the usability of your site right away is to improve the current layout of your website that is easy for your visitors to navigate through. Your click heatmaps will help you answer the question of where your users are clicking, while an eye tracking heatmap displays where they are focusing most. A scroll map will then show how much of the page your users are actually seeing. These tools will help you answer questions such as what navigation buttons are your visitors utilizing, which objects are most visited and which are considered dead, where is the best real estate on the page, and more.

Defining what is working and what could use improvement on your main landing page is the first step in creating a website that offers an entire experience.


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Kill Dead Objects with Click Maps

Posted by on August 26, 2013 in Analytics Tools and Software, SeeVolution Features, Website Heatmaps

Every website is plagued with them. They chase away interested visitors. They will hijack your conversions.  If not dealt with right, dead objects will take over your website!

No, your site has not fallen victim to a digital zombie apocalypse, but rather inadvertently become infected with unlinked objects that are being clicked nontheless. When nothing happens, a visitor can become instantly irritated, confused or angry that the website is only not intuitive, but also making them click somewhere else to gain information that should have already been in front of them. All it takes is one element of a site that a visitor isn’t entirely happy with, and they will leave.


Whether webmasters are aware of it or not, their site has dead objects. Combating these obstinate features is a lot less invasive than destroying the actual dead (according to The Walking Dead on AMC, you need to chop off the head of a zombie to completely destroy them).


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SeeVolution 2.0 Breakdown

Posted by on August 21, 2013 in Analytics Tools and Software, Big Business, Innovations, Marketing, Real-time Analytics, SeeVolution Features


SeeVolution has leveled-up.

We have entirely revamped our classic design to create a revolutionary way that you can view your site’s  progress, onsite interactions and real time analytics.

SeeVolution was founded on the idea that webmasters should have access to simple, intuitive analytics that will guide them to make valuable optimization decisions. Our goal is to have you get to know your website better than you ever have before. An overlaid toolbar and real-time analytics makes viewing these stats a breeze

In addition to the design changes that we have made, SeeVolution’s features have been given a superior upgrade. Our 14-day Free Trial allows everyone to try this tool risk free!


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Maintain Your Website with Ease

Posted by on June 3, 2013 in Analytics Tools and Software, Real-time Analytics, SeeVolution Features

Maintaining your business’ website is stressful and time consuming. Those annoyances lead to potential sleepless nights and unnecessary arguments with well, everyone.

What if I told you we have a way that will make keeping up the health and well being of your website a breeze? That is something that you would want to know about right?

SeeVolution was designed for you and your busy schedule. If it isn’t already, monitoring the health of your website can become a full-time job instantly. Yes, there are tools out there like Google Analytics, Webmaster Tools, and other 3rd party ranking monitors, but  the volume and complexity of what they are offering can also be quite overwhelming if you are new to the space.

Our toolbar is simple to use, easy to access and brings you the stats you want to see without having to add 20 different filter, or create yet another custom report.

Let’s look at our mouse movement heatmap for a moment…


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